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PerceptPixel: Fast, Reliable, Smart Image CDN with Real-Time Transformation, Digital Asset Management and One click Background Removal

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at Lightning Speed on the Internet

Image CDN with automatic optimization, real-time transformation, and storage that you can integrate with existing setup in minutes.

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5.1 M+Transformationsdaily
1 M+Links createddaily
<5 secavg to uploadimage to CDN
192+service pointsglobally
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Well built, clean appearance and smooth, fast system for images. This is worth checking out.I like it. First testing and things have been good. Well built, clean and advanced features, the background removal works excellent. Currently on T2, but thinking to go to T3 as have enjoyed using the software so far. The platform feels nice, good user menu and layout placement etc - give it a try.
Reg - B
Erster Eindruck: TOPInstallation unter WordPress sowie CNAME waren schnell erledigt. Erste Fragen an den Support waren noch schneller beantwortet und meine Anregungen wurden der Roadmap hinzugefügt. Die Software ist übersichtlich und leicht zu bedienen. Ich überlege schon von Tier 1 auf Tier 2 zu switchen. Weiter so - ich bin gespannt!
Impressive !!We are so impressed that will be officially transferring from our existing CDN provider to PerceptPixel because it has fast image loading functionality, support custom domains and enables basic image editing.
Paul VP
Super FastThis looks super promising, I will definitely give it a shot. The capabilities which are highlighted are required by almost all responsive websites and applications. Thanks for building an effective and easy integration solution for the same.
Priyesh Potdar
Brilliant ProductBrilliant. Used it and it was a breeze. I had some many logos whose backgrounds I had to remove - life saver. Thank you Percept Pixel thanks a lot :)
Great ProductGreat product. I like using it because it is user-friendly and has great features
Abdal Yousef
Pagespeed BoosterThis tool helped me to reduce the size of my images without affecting the quality and boost page speed performance. Much needed resolve where data bandwidth is sub-optimal
Pratik Murarka
It was nice and easy to useIt was nice and easy to use
Krishnendu Madathil
Fast & EfficientImage CDN that is globalAvailability map
Enhance your productivity
Do more in less time
featureIncrease efficiency by removing backgrounds, substituting backgrounds, and creating captions swiftly. Boost productivity by accomplishing more in less time.
Size. Speed. Quality.
All in one!
Product 01Optimize your images for lightning-fast loading times, wherever they appear, while retaining the same quality.
Deliver the same quality with at least 30% smaller file sizes.
Image QualityProduct 02Retain fine control on Image Quality
across all your workflows
Save 20%
Best for individuals
/ month
  • CheckUpto 5 GB bandwidth per month, thereafter $5/10 GB
  • CheckUpto 2 GB storage included, thereafter $1/GB storage
  • CheckUnlimited background removal transformation
  • CheckAI-based annotation generation
  • CheckDigital Asset Management (DAM)
    • CheckAdvanced features for organizing, storing, and retrieving your media assets included
    • CheckFolder permission capabilities
    • CheckSmart search functionality
  • CheckPlugins: Chrome and WordPress
Best for micro businesses
/ month

Everything in Hobbyist plan, plus:

  • CheckUpto 50 GB bandwidth per month, thereafter $10/20 GB
  • CheckUpto 10 GB storage included, thereafter $1/GB storage
  • Check1 custom domain like
  • CheckAutomated image analysis reports
  • CheckOne-time 30 minute consultation with an image optimization expert
  • CheckLive chat & 12-hr SLA support tickets
  • CheckUp to 5 users; Role-based multi-user administration
  • CheckSecurity features like referer-based Hotlinking Protection
  • CheckRemote storage (BYOS): Store your images elsewhere and use our CDN and transformations
Bandwidth consumption over 1TB / month ?

Everything in Professional plan, plus:

  • CheckDedicated integration & support engineer
  • CheckCustom CDN integration with PerceptPixel
  • CheckOrigin Shield for stability & performance
  • CheckCustom cache-control policy & redirects
Frequently Asked Questions
What is PerceptPixel?
PerceptPixel is an Image CDN (content delivery network) platform specifically designed to optimise the delivery of images on websites by storing and caching images on servers located closer to the user's location for faster loading times.
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How does PerceptPixel Image CDN platform benefit my website?
What kind of images should I prioritise optimising with the PerceptPixel CDN platform?
What level of technical support and customer service does PerceptPixel offer to its users?
Can I disable the CDN and only use the compression?
What are your uptimes / stability like?
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