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PerceptPixel FAQ

1. What is PerceptPixel?

PerceptPixel is an Image CDN (content delivery network) platform specifically designed to optimise the delivery of images on websites by storing and caching images on servers located closer to the user's location for faster loading times.

2. Why should I consider PerceptPixel as an Image CDN platform for my website?

Factors to consider when selecting an Image CDN platform include pricing, performance metrics, ease of integration, customer support, scalability, security features, and compatibility with your existing website setup. PerceptPixel excels in all of these capabilities.

3. How does PerceptPixel Image CDN platform benefit my website?

PerceptPixel Image CDN platform can significantly improve your website's loading speed, reduce bandwidth usage, enhance user experience, and improve SEO by optimising images for different devices.

4. What kind of images should I prioritise optimising with the PerceptPixel CDN platform?

It is advisable to optimise high-resolution images, large image files, and images that are frequently accessed on your website to maximise the benefits of the PerceptPixel Image CDN platform.

5. How does PerceptPixel handle image formats and compression?

PerceptPixel supports various image formats like JPEG, PNG, and WebP, and provides options for automatic image compression and optimisation to reduce file sizes without compromising quality.

6. Can PerceptPixel help with responsive image delivery?

Yes, PerceptPixel can dynamically resize and deliver images based on the user's device and screen size, ensuring optimal image quality and performance across different devices.

7. Will my original images be backed up before compression?

Yes, your original images remain unaffected. Each transformation occurs on the fly and is cached, ensuring that the original image is preserved.

8. What are the differences between each tier (Hobbyist, Professional,Custom )?

Hobbyist Tier:

  • This one's good for people just starting out. For just $10/month, individuals can enjoy up to 5 GB bandwidth and 2 GB storage, with the added bonus of unlimited background removal.

Professional Tier:

  • This tier is primarily for small businesses (but not limited to them). Micro businesses gain access to up to 50 GB bandwidth and 10 GB storage. Additionally, you'll receive your very own custom domain, automated analysis reports, a personalised consultation, dedicated support, and 5 user accounts.

Custom Tier:

  • Tailored solutions for your unique needs! If your business requires more than 1TB of bandwidth per month, reach out to our caring support team at We'll work closely with you to provide services and costs according to your requirements. With this tier, you'll receive a dedicated support engineer, custom CDN integration, the stability of Origin Shield, and personalized cache-control policies.

9. What level of technical support and customer service does PerceptPixel offer to its users?

PerceptPixel has 3 levels of support, ranging from online chat support with an SLA of 24 hours for the Hobbyist tier, 24x7 online chat support for professional tier, to on-call support for enterprise tiers.

10. How does PerceptPixel ensure the privacy and security of user data stored on its platform?

  • Authenticated/signed uploads: Uses a backend-generated signature based on your product environment API key, API secret, the specific upload parameters, and a timestamp to authenticate each uploaded asset. Moderation and malware detection add-ons: PerceptPixel offers a set of moderation and malware add-ons that enable early threat detection and prevention. This comes prebuilt into the PerceptPixel offering.
  • Response and notification signatures: Every API and webhook response includes a signature. You can set up your backend app to validate notification or response signatures before using them.
  • Incoming transformations: You can take advantage of incoming transformations to ensure that user-generated content meets required standards, such as resizing files that exceed predefined file sizes or resolutions. This can ensure that your user-generated content doesn't waste your storage quota.
  • ACL Blocklisting or Allowlisting delivered assets: Paid plans can submit a support request to either block or allow access to delivered assets by things such as Domain, IP, Country code, Path, User-Agent, Referrer, and Content Type (Mime Type).

11. What is the difference between PerceptPixel and Amazon S3?

Pixel is primarily focused on image management. It offers features such as image management, tag search, caption generation and Image transformation. On the other hand, Amazon S3 serves as a simple cloud storage solution. With Pixel, you can perform image transformations seamlessly by adjusting the image URL on the go. The best part is, we provide a user-friendly interface where you can conveniently manage all your image transformations in one central location.

12. How is PerceptPixel different from

PerceptPixel offers more than just basic background removal. Unlike, which is limited to background-related operations only, PerceptPixel's image CDN platform services provide a diverse range of transformations. We not only specialize in background removal and changing but also offer additional features such as generating image captions, adjusting formats, and enhancing image quality. If you require more than just simple background removal, PerceptPixel is here to assist you.

13. Does PerceptPixel plugin only do the local compression? Or does it do on-the-fly conversion like Shortpixel Adaptive Images?

This plugin offers on-the-fly transformations and compression through URL modification. It dynamically adjusts images for optimization without the need for local compression, akin to Shortpixel Adaptive Images. For more information please do refer our docs section.

14. Can I disable the CDN and only use the compression?

No, CDN cannot be disabled at the moment.

15. What are your uptimes / stability like?

Our system maintains an uptime/stability rating of 99.99%, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for users.

If you have any questions that we have not addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at

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