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Media Management

PerceptPixel allows you to access images uploaded on on production. You get built in class CDN and storage reliability for your media. Apart from this, you get access to manage your digital media from the dashboard directly and boost your web and mobile performance through URL-Based Transformation for your application. Below we will discuss some of the important features that can help you manage your digital assets efficiently.

1. Uploading Images

  • Drag & Drop : Effortlessly upload single or multiple images by dragging and dropping them directly into the designated upload area.
  • Browse & Select : Choose images from your device using the familiar file browser. You can select individual images or multiple images at once.
  • Paste from Clipboard : Working with screenshots or copied images? Our innovative system allows you to paste them directly into the media library using the standard Ctrl+V (Windows/Linux) or Command+V (Mac) keyboard shortcut. This eliminates the need for saving the image file first, saving you valuable time.

2. Folders & Organization

Streamlined organization method using folders. You can create folders with descriptive names to categorize your images. This initial implementation ensures a clear and accessible structure for your image library. We're actively working on expanding functionalities, and future updates will introduce features like sub-folders and file movement for even more granular organization.

3. Powerful Search for Effortless Retrieval

Finding the perfect image is a breeze with our robust search functionality. Leverage multiple search methods to pinpoint exactly what you need:

  • Keyword Search: Search by filename or any tags you assign to your images. Descriptive tags ensure quick retrieval based on specific content.
  • AI-Powered Tagging: Take advantage of our AI image analysis. Generate suggested tags that best describe the image content. Refine these suggestions or accept them entirely to create a comprehensive tag library for your images. Saved tags become searchable keywords, allowing you to efficiently locate images based on their visual content.

This multi-faceted search approach empowers you to organize and access your image library with unparalleled ease. Whether you remember the filename or require a more visual search based on content, our system delivers the images you need instantly.

Search Files

4. Unveiling Image Details: A Comprehensive View

Clicking on any image within the media library unlocks the image details screen. This information hub provides a wealth of details about your image:

  • Filename and Basic Information: View the original filename, file type, and file size.
  • Tags and Caption: See all the assigned tags associated with the image, making it easier to categorize and search for similar visuals.
  • One click Download: You can download the original image or an efficient version of it (a transformation) in just 1 click
  • Share on Social Media: You have an option to share on your favorite social media in just one click.

Transformations at Your Fingertips:

The image details screen goes beyond basic information. It also serves as a central location to view all the saved transformations you've created for that specific image. This allows you to:

  • Preview Transformed Versions: See thumbnails or previews of each saved transformation, helping you quickly identify the desired edit.
  • Quick Access and Download: With a single click, you can access the full-size version of any saved transformation or download it for immediate use.

5. Non-Destructive Image Transformations

PerceptPixel goes beyond basic storage and organization. Unleash your creativity with a suite of built-in image transformation tools. Resize, crop, adjust colors, and apply effects – all without altering your original image.

  • Save Custom Transforms: Don't just transform – personalize! PerceptPixel allows you to save transformations to access them later. This streamlines your workflow by enabling you to apply your favorite edits with a single click in the future.

  • Effortless Access to Transformed Versions: Once you've applied a transformation, the resulting version is readily available within the image details screen (accessible by clicking on the image in the media library). This makes it easy to compare different edits or choose the perfect version for your specific needs – all without cluttering your original image.

image transformations